Characteristic Features Of Cotton, Silk, Wool.

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Characteristic properties of 
A. Cotton​:
1. Good absorber of water and colour
2. It is Soft
3. It is a breathable fabric. 
B. Silk
1. Silk is extremely elastic. 
2. It can be dyed easily and takes the hightest lusture. 
3. Silk is the strongest natural fibre and can be streched to almost twenty-five percent of its original length.
C. Wool 
1. Some woollen fibres are rough while others are extremely soft.
2.Curls of the wool fibre create air pockets and give wool a spongy feel.
3.Wool creats insulation for the wearer as it traps air close to the skin. The body heat warms the trapped air, thus making the wearer feel warm. 

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