characteristics of the duck and the kangaroo

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The Duck and the Kangaroo is a short poem, narrated in the style of a conversation between a duck and a kangaroo. The poem belongs to the category of Edward Lear's nonsense poetry. The poem, in a nutshell, is about a frustrated duck, who has got bored of living in a nasty pond and wishes to visit far-away lands, sitting on the back of a kangaroo. The kangaroo happily hops over fields and sea all day long. The Duck is jealous of the kangaroo because it can visit faraway lands, but the duck can't. He is compelled to spend the rest of his life in a nasty pond. One day, however, the Duck approaches the Kangaroo and asks him to give him a ride. The Kangaroo agrees and takes the Duck to faraway lands. The trip fills their hearts with immense joy and pleasure. 
The poem gives us a pretty good idea regarding the nature of these two creatures, the Duck and the Kangaroo. The Duck is a sad, frustrated creature, who has got tremendously bored of living in a nasty pond. He passionately wants to explore the World beyond. He has a thirst for travel, he wants to visit faraway lands, which is not possible for him since he is a duck. He is jealous of the Kangaroo who can go anywhere he wants. The Duck feels that the Kangaroo is living a happy and contented life. He, instead, is forced to live a monotonous and colourless life.
The Kangaroo is a sweet, considerate and kind creature. When the Duck asks him to give him a ride, he agrees. He is a rational and practical creature. When the Duck requests him to give him a ride on his back, he thinks it through. After much thought, he tells the Duck that his wet and cold feet can give him rheumatism. Thus, the Kangaroo is very logical and rational, since he thoroughly thinks about the pros and cons of matters before deciding anything. He is also very kind and considerate since he decided to roam around the world thrice with the Duck on his back, only to fulfil the little friend's dream. 

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Duck is a bird and kamkagroo is and mammal which is only found in Australia at his natural habitat and duck is very common bird indian ducks are famous for their migration with seasons kangroo gives birth to a very weak off spring they have a pouch or bag like attachment with their body in which their child stays and take nutrients from there till he is not able to survive in the atmosphere
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