Charactersketch of legal advisor or lawyer with reference to chapter poets and pancakes (class 12 , flamingo) .    (6 marks)

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The lawyer or legal advisor worked under the story department, although he was called the opposite by rest of the crew just because the crew thought that he ruined the career of a brilliant actress. He stood exceptionally different from the rest of his department as he wore a proper suit with a tie and coat while the other people wore khadi dhoti and shirts. He was close to the boss and thus was allowed to produce a film. He often looked cold and helpless and a man of cold logic, a misfit among the dreamers. In short he was a logical, neutral man who did his job and got fired in the end along the the rest of his department just because all the poets were asked to go home.
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Lawyer was in story department.officially, known as the legal advisor.he is opposite to others.
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Describe the character of Lawyer in poets and pancakrs
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