Charactersketch of office boy with reference to chapter poets and pancakes (class 12 , flamingo) .    (6 marks)

In this lesson, Asokamitran talks about Gemini Studios and all that helps in keeping it in the spotlight. He starts by making a mention about ‘Pancakes’, the famous make-up brand which Gemini Studios ordered in truckloads. He then talks about the plight of actors and actresses who have to bear too many lights on their face while getting ready in the make-up room. The make-up department, according to him, used heaps of make-up to turn them into ugly-looking creatures. Shockingly, he talks about the office boy of the make-up department whose task is to slap paint onto the faces of players at the time of crowd-shooting. He was a poet and had joined the Studio in the hope of becoming an actor, screenwriter, director or a lyricst. In those days, the author used to work inside a cubicle and had the task of collecting newspaper cuttings which, according to others was insignificant. Thus, office boy would come in time again, to bother  him with his complaints. He was well-convinced that the reason behind his misery was Subbu.
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The office boy works as an makeup man for the crowd. He was a bit of a poet and joined the Gemini studios in hope of becoming an star actor, screenwriter,director or lyrics writer. He considered Asokamitran doing next to nothing and gave him epics on it. He was jealous of Kothamangalam Subbu who was very close to his boss, mr. Vasan.
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