charater feature of treasureor of gulliver travel

Flimnap is the treasurer of Lilliput. He is a greedy, selfish and crafty man. His hate for Gulliver is based on an absurd rumour. He believes in the court rumour of Gulliver's affair with his wife. However, a love relation is impossible between six feet tall man and 6 inch tall woman. The readers understand this absurdity and see that Flimnap actually wants to be emperor's favourite. Gulliver after successfully defending Lilliputians against Blefuscudians is emperor's new favourite. Thus Gulliver becomes his rival. To gain the emperor's faovours an get rid of Gulliver , Flimnap joins the plots of Skyresh Bolgolam, admiral of Lilliput and also irrationally set against Gulliver.

*For more points ponder over his position at court, and court practices of 18th century England.

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