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It is recommended that you write down the character sketch on the basis of your reading the play. Also, the following points may help you in writing the character-sketch of -


1.Taplow is a sixteen years old boy. He  is a science student in the lower fifth grade.

2. Taplow's conversations with Frank gives us an idea about the likes and dislikes of Taplow. His conversation also provides insight into the character of Crocker-Harris.

3. Taplow wishes to specialise in the subject of science.

4. Taplow dislikes arts, especially the play ‘Agamemnon’. He asserts that though the play is not that bad but the way it is taught is terrible.

5. He presents his views about Crocker-Harris in a very frank and straightforward manner.

6. Taplow has a strange attitude towards Crocker-Harris. He admits that in spite of everything he still likes Crocker. He even admits laughing on his poor jokes just to be polite to him.

7. Taplow is too scared at the idea of disobeying his teacher, Crocker- Harris. In fact, he works for him even in his absence by going to the chemist to get a prescription made up for him.



  1. Frank is a young teacher.
  2. He shows a better understanding of student behaviour and psychology.
  3. He is humble towards his students.
  4. He has a friendly attitude towards his students. His conversation with Taplow shows that Taplow is very comfortable discussing the matter with him.
  5. Even though Frank is easy in his attitude, he is not of the kind who will appreciate sarcasm on fellow teachers. He quickly points out to Taplow when Taplow get too carried away mocking Crocker-Harris.

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