Cheenu gave 20% of his marbles to his younger brother. Cheenu' s friend borrowed 25 % of the marbles left with him If Cheenu has given away 32 marbles in all then

1. How many marbles did Cheenu have in the begining?

2. What persentage of the marbles in all did Cheenu give away?

Let Cheenu has x marbles in the begining.As, cheenu gave 20% of his marbles to his younger brother,the number of marblesCheenu gives to his younger brother=20% of x=20100xThen, the number of marbles left with Cheenu=x-20% of x=x-20100x=80100xNow, 25% of the marbles left with Cheenu are borrowed by his friend, therefore marblesCheenu gave to his friend=25% of 80100x=25100×80100x=20100x1Total number of marbles Cheenu has given away=20100x+20100x=40100xAccording, to the question40100x=32Multiplying, both sides by 10040, we getx=32×10040=80.Hence, the number of marbles Cheenu had in the begining is 80.2  The number of marbles Cheenu gave away in total=32The percentage of marbles Cheenu gave away=3280×100%=410×100%=40%.

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