Childhood is the spring of one's life but Saheb and Mukesh are the victims of the child labour . You feel pained to see children working at factories, dhabas and tea stalls.Empathising with them, give concrete suggestions to dael with the problems.

The two children we come across in the story, Saheb and Mukesh, have not only lost the spring of their youth but also any hope of recovering from this loss. They are sucked into the vortex of poverty from which one can hardly ever come out. These victims of child labour are either forced by their parents or by circumstances to work rather than pursue their education. However, it is important to remain that the rest of society is to blame for the perpetuation of these conditions. There are laws in place but never enforced, people have a moral conscience but it is always in a dormant state and quite willing to overlook unpleasant things. Concrete measures are needed and that would entail taking a fresh look at the judicial structure in place concerning such matters. Then getting the law and order structure in place to implement such laws. The right to education is now a fundamental right but we need proper implementation of these laws through stricter vigilance. More importantly, we need to have awareness campaigns across cities where citizens themselves aren't afraid of anything to stop such illegal practices at eating houses, tea stalls, friends' houses or any other shops. Most people talk about it but do not take any affirmative action. Development is the panacea for all ills in society so the government needs to take a long hard look at the conditions of people living in slums. This is the place from where the children come  to work. If living conditions are better then there will not be any need for these children to help out the family. These children need to be sent to school so that they also get a chance at life.

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