Chlorine has completely filled KL shells. Explain.

your friend is absolutely correct.
The electron accommodation capacity of energy level is fixed.Like K shell can accommodate 2 electrons and L shell accommodate 8 electrons.So the total number of electron in K+L = 10 . But chlorine atom contain 17 electron which is more than 10 hence K and L shell get completely filled and then their is next shell known as M which occupy the left over 7 electron.The electronic configuration of Cl is 2,8,7.

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Chlorine has its atomic number 17.

In all the atoms ,inK shell the max. no. of electrons can be filled is 2. so, in case of chlorine,K shell is filled by 2 of its electrons.

Similarly,in allthe atoms,in L shell the max. no. of electronscan be filled is 8. so, in case of chlorine,L shell is also

filled by 8 electrons.

Remaining 7 electrons, they will come under M shell.

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