Choose the compounds of each of the following pairs that has more solubility in water:- (a)BeSO4,BaSO4 (b)NaCl,MgCl2 (c)AgCl,AgI

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The solubility of any ionic compound in water depends upon the two values. One is the lattice energy which is the energy required to break the lattice into the corresponding ions and the other is the hydration energy which is the amount of energy released when a particular ion is surrounded by the water molecules. In the first case, the lattice energy of BaSO4 is very high value than the lattice energy of BeSO4 due to the similar size of Ba and sulphate, so the solubility of BeSO4 in water is
more than BaSO4.
On comparing the second case, NaCl has lesser lattice energy than MgCl2 due to more charge on Mg. So the solubility of NaCl will be more than MgCl2.
In the third case, using the Fajan's rule, since I- is easily polarizable than Cl- so AgI is more covalent and less ionic than AgCl. Since AgCl is more ionic, so it will dissolve in water more easily than AgI so the solubility of AgCl will be greater than AgI.


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