Choose the correct answer:
  1. Which of these is not a circuit element: Battery/connecting wire/ Switch/current
  2. A filament of low melting point is used in : Electric bulb/ electric iron/fuse/none of these
  3. An electric fuse is based on which of the following effects of current: Heating effect/chemical effect/ magnetic effect/ both heating and magnetic effect
  4. A solenoid carrying a current behaves as a: horse-shoe magnet/bar magnet/electric bell/piece of iron

Dear student,

Here are the required answers. 
1. Current: it flows through the circuit but is not a circuit element
2. Fuse: it should have a low melting point such that it melts when a high current falls through it.
3. Heating effect: high current causes the fuse wire to melt.
4. Bar magnet: field line similar to a bar magnet are observed.


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