Choose the correct 'wh' word

Choose the correct 'wh' word Whose house is this? GET THE GROOVE hoose the correct 'Wh-' word from the options given in the beginning of each sentence. (Who/ Which) museum did you like the best—The Corbett Jungle Museum or the Dhangari Museum? (Where/ Which) are the important animals you can see in the Corbett National Park? (Where/ Why) is the Kalaghar Dam situated? (When/ Who) built the oldest British bungalow at Sunrise Point? (What/ How) is the name of the Project founded to protect tigers? (When/ Why) is the best time of the year to visit the Corbett National Park? (Who/ Why) is it important to conserve our forests? (Which/ How) can we get to Jim Corbett National Park?

Dear Student,

1. Which
2. Which
3. Where
4. Who
5. What
6. When
7. Why
8. How


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