Choose the two characteristics of the alluvial soils
(a) They are the most wide-spread soils in India.
(b) They are found in hilly and upland parts of the country.
(c) These soils were formed by the lava sheets.
(d) They were made by deposits brought by rains year after year.
(viii) In which two states deforestation due to mining has caused land

Dear Student,

Answer of your 1st question is option (a) They are the most wide-spread soils in India.& (c) These soils were formed by the lava sheets are correct. Other characteristics of the alluvial soils as :
They are juvenile and have feeble profiles because of their new starting point. 
A large portion of the dirt is Sandy and clayey soils are normal. 
Pebbly and gravelly soils are uncommon. 
​​​​​The dirt is permeable due to its loamy (equivalent extent of sand and mud) nature.

Answer number 2 is as:  
Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa deforestation because of mining have caused serious land debasement. 
Deforestation, overgrazing and mining, all are similarly liable for an increment in the pace of disintegration by water. It causes land debasement through enormous loss of top fruitful soil alongside plant supplements through overflow water. 
For mining, earth is burrowed, and before this, all the woodland cover in that district is annihilated, and subsequently, it makes the dirt free prompting land debasement. Over-water system makes the dirt clayey and dampy, hence prompting land debasement.


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