Clair awaited for long time and when jack came said it was a long story as half work is was already finished. Jack was completely tired and jo still unsatisfied, (poor) looked at woodwork(tan and new ivory) which resembled the difference in ideologies of old and new generation and it seemed as if the new generation was to put the older ones in the cage of the opposite thinking from which they could neither save themselves not they can change their children's mind. Claire was also in the cage along with him but he did not wanted to talk as she was too unsatisfied with him.
I just want to know whether it is the correct explaination of last para of Should Wizard Hit Mommy? Plz tell corrections if needed.


It was quite a clear explanation of the last paragraph, though you can still add some points about the harsh relationship between Clair and Jo. The mental retardation couple was facing in their marriage.

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