Class 11th was full of ups and downs for me. Though I had learnt no. of things from my failures, and I am eager to taught them to the world around me, so that they won't do the same mistakes again and again.

At the same time, I am excited to do certain activities for class 12th, like Note making, I had made my own notes from different materials in my own way. But I had just copied those texts in my own handwriting , you might laugh because it really sounds funny. This year I want to be passionate about this business. Can you give me certain tips.

Bitter truth :- I had tried to make notes of many chapters but hadn't completed of even single.

Dear student,

It would be difficult for you to make notes at the eleventh hour so it's better to make notes from a certain chapter when you sit to read it for the very first time. It would also make it easier for you to revise later. While making notes, make sure that you read a paragraph at least twice, in order to understand its meaning properly and then summarise it. We hope that this tip would help you. However, you get back to us for obtaining more assistance on this topic.


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