class 12 cbse english core (flamingo) aunt jennifer's tiger summary

The first stanza opens with Aunt Jennifers visual tapestry of tigers who are fearless of their environment. "Bright topaz denizensof a world of green" evoke an image that these regal tigers are unafraid of other beings in the jungle. Bright here signifies their powerful and radiant persona. There is a sense of certainty and confidence in the way these tigers move as can be seen in the line "They pace in sleek chivalric certainty".

In the second stanza, the reality of Aunt Jennifer is revealed as she is feeble, weak and enslaved, very much the opposite of the tigers she was knitting. Her physical and mental trauma is depicted in the line "find even the ivory needle hard to pull". Even though a wedding ring doesnt weigh much, "the massive weight of uncles wedding band, sits heavily upon Aunt Jennifers hand" signifies the amount of dominance her husband exercised over her. This also means that her inner free spirit has been jailed by the patriarchal society.

The last stanza starts on a creepy note about Aunt Jennifers death. Even her death couldnt free her from the ordeals she went through which can be seen in "When Aunt is dead, her terrified hands will lie still ringed with ordeals she was mastered by". But her art work which was her escape route or in a way, her inner sense of freedom, will stay forever, proud andunafraid.

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* The poet expresses the inner feeling of a woman Aunt Jennifer .
* She is decorate a piece of cloth the pattern shows the tiger who are moving and jumping around.
* The bright yellow colour like the colour of the topaz stone with the green forest background .
* They are proud and fearless citizens of the forest here is the contrast between the both.
* They are moving in elegant . bold and courageous , full of gentleman s grace. 
* The lady s fingers are trembling with the fear.
* She is still afraid of her husband who scold her and the needle is also became a heavy for her to pull out the cloth.
* The massive weight of the uncle s wedding ring which has bought by her husband it is his till today.
* The lady is dependent on the husband and she has been burdened by the obligations of married life.
* She is physically and emotionally the victim  of his matrimonial life.
* Her wish us to live a fearless life individually by her choice.
* It shows her inner desire of being strong fearless which has been empowered by her husband.
* Probably her ordeal will end upon her death.
* After her death her desire of freedom and fearless shall remain alive in these tigers.
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They in the passage are the tigers on aunt Jennifer’s tapestry
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what contrast can be seen in the lives of tiger and aunt Jennifer
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