answer me these short questions: -(2/3 marks each)

1. What type of magnet is used in an electric bell?

2. Enlist the factors affecting heat produced in a current carrying wire?

3. What are the characteristics of a fuse wire?

4. What were the conclusions of Oersted 's experiment?

5. Write two applications of electromagnet?

Answer me these long questions:-(5 marks each)

  1. explain the working of an electric bell with the help of a diagram?
  2. What is an electromagnet? enlist factors affecting its magnetic field.
  3. Describe an activity to make an electromagnet.

Define the following:-(1/2 mark each)

  1. electric circuit
  2. resistance
  3. conductor
  4. fuse
  5. electromagnet
  6. insulator
  7. overloading
  8. short circuit
  9. cell
  10. current

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is this a question or a full  question paper

ok i cananswer some shortt answers right now , others later


1 - conductor - objects which allow electric current to pass through them

2 - fuse - thin wire insidde the bulb

3 - insulators  -  objects which do not allow electric current to pass  through them

4 -  cell - the power source of te circuit

5 - current - flow of electrons

6 - electric circuit is a pah through which  current consists of wire , powersource (battery) , load and sometimes a switch..


Characterstics of a ffusedd wire - broken  filament

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ok answer these when u get time. it will be a revision for u

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can you please place each question seprately

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1- electromagnet

characteristics of a fused wire- it melts and broken filament

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