Class 9 English text book beehive pls give answers for question 6 onwards (100 to150 words)

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6. The little girl started understanding her father only when her mother was admitted in the hospital. As she slept alone one night, she saw a nightmare and got frightened. Her father came to her rescue and comforted her. She understood his love for her when he carried her into his room after having the nightmare. She realised that her father loved her greatly and it was the hard work that he did, that did not allow him to play with her.

9. The main theme of the poem 'The Road Not Taken' is choices that one is compelled to take. The title of the poem emphasises on the road not taken, while the poet in his poem stresses about the roads before him and the one he took. The poet teaches us that the choices we make have significant results and consequences in our life and it is important to do so wisely. This is understood from his statement that the choice that he made, had made all the difference.

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