Clover leaf secondary structure of tRNA has a loop for
(a) three nucleotides of a codon.
(b) three nucleotides of an anticodon.
(c) no nucleotides.
(d) both (a) and (b)

Dear student 

Option B is correct. 
It consist of 3 nucleotides of anticodon. 

The secondary structure of tRNA is known as the clover leaf model. It consists of-
1.The anticodon loop that bears an anticodon of a particular codon that codes for a particular amino acids.
2.The D loop that contains dihydrouridine.
3.The T arm containing the sequence TΨC where Ψ is a pseudouridine.
4.The 3' end of tRNA is an amino acid acceptor end with CCA tail.
5.The terminal 5' phosphate group.

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