Color blindness is a sex linked trait.Explain with the help of a cross

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Colour blindness is X-linked recessive disorder because of which a person is not able to distinguish between some of the colours, which other people can recognise easily. In this disease, females become affected only when they carry a gene for colour blindness on both X chromosomes and become carrier when they contain affected gene on only one X chromosome. The male gets affected when it carry affected gene on its X chromosome. Hence, the genotype of affected female will be  XC XC , carrier female will be XCX and affected male will be XC Y. This can be depicted by the following cross:

Parents                           XC XC         X              XCY

​Gametes                             XC                           XC           Y

Offsprings                             XCXC                       XCY
​                                           Affected female       Affected male
                                                child                           child
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