Comment on the state of Indian agriculture at the time of independence ??

The Agriculture sector at the time of independnce ws vry weak

Vulnerability - The Farmers were dependent on the rain for the irrigation of their crops.The  Irrigation Facility at the time of independence was negligble. When there was good rainfall the crops succed bt in d absnce d crop died.

Low level of Prodctivity - Levl of prdctivity at that time ws low evn though the land under cultivation ws huge. It ws so low that the agricltre could be termed as backward.

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very poor

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yea! i noee..! but i need a 9 to 10 lines answer..??

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The state of agriculture on he eve of independence was very bad from India's poin of view.Indian agriculture began by 9000 BC as a result of early cultivation of plants, and domestication of crops and animals. Whole agriculture like today was based on the monsoon that is if there 'd be scarcity of rains whole business would be spoiled as above 90% of customers then were belonging to the labour of agricultural field. Secondly, there was vbery low level of productivity as per the area of land. British people stood as a barrier in front of the indian trade and to do every work permission was to be urged from the high class people. these all facts support the statement.

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