comment on the title 'The Tiger King' Does it convey any message....

The title The Tiger King seems quite apt for the story. As a result of the prophesy that the king must be careful with the hundredth tiger, the sole aim of Maharaja’s life was to hunt the tigers. This obsession led him to restrict to himself the right to kill all the tigers in the tiger-rich forests of Pratibandapuram. He even issued a proclamation that anybody who dared even to think evil of any of the tigers in the state would be liable to confiscation of wealth and property. To achieve the aim of killing hundred tigers, he neglected all his duties as a king. Nevertheless, he ultimately died because of a wooden tiger whose sliver penetrated his hand and the infection thus spread, caused his death. Ironically enough, the tiger became the king at the end of the chapter as the prophesy came true.


The story conveys the message that every attempt to change one's fate is bound to be futile. One should believe only in his own Karma. The king made every possible effort to negate the prophesy by the astrologer, but ultimately died because of a tiger.

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