"Community health is essential for good individual health" justify this statement giving examples

If health means a state of physical, mental social well-being, It cannot be something that each one of us can achieve entirely on our own.The health of all organisms will depend on their surroundings or their environment. The environment includesthe physical environment.Human beings live in societies. Our social environment is an important factor in our individual health.Consider what would happen if no Agency is ensuring that garbage is collected disposed.What would happen if no one takes responsibility for clearing the drains ensuring that water does not collect in the streets or open space?

So, If thereis a great deal of garbage thrown in our streets, or if there is open Drain-water lying stagnant around where we live the possibility of poor health increases.So, Community health is important for Individual Health.

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There are many factors that play a role in the origin of disease, these factors include such as water pollution, air pollution, food contamination and sanitation. Such factors can be controlled if the community takes preventive measure in ensuring clean water air and sanitation, so at individual level the disease don't occur and also there are many communicable disease which are transmitted from person to person so if the community is healthy there is less chance of communicable disease. Therefore you can understand that community health is essential for individual health.

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) surrounding environmental conditions plays an important role in the maintenance of health. For ex we feel depressed if – (i) surrounding are dirty or polluted (ii) garbage is not collected or disposed off (iii) drains are not cleaned and water collects in the streets or open spaces. Unclean surrounding causes the entry of germs via air, water, food or vectors and makes the person unhealthy
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