Compare and contrast Crocker-Harris and Frank

Mr. Crocker Harris was an aged school teacher who was retiring from an English public school. He was sincere towards his work as a teacher and was known to be a strict disciplinarian who did not disclose the results before it was announced by the headmaster. He gave his students grades which they deserved much unlike other teacher who happily showed their partiality towards a handful of students. Mr. Crocker Harris was a man who rarely expressed any kind of emotion. His student Taplow used the phrase 'shrivelled up inside' for Mr. Crocker Harris. But somehow he seemed to like Mr. Harris. 
Mr. Frank was a younger teacher who enjoyed making fun of Mr. Crocker Harris. He was a man of poor morals as he had no qualms in having an insincere intimate relationship with Mr. Crocker Harris's wife, Millie Crocker Harris. He told Taplow not to wait for Crocker Harris as he was being late. This clearly shows that Frank was a man of not only poor moral values but also failed to be an ideal teacher. This is also clearly evident when he said that he hated what he taught. 

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