Compare and contrast on the structure and functions of cell wall and cell membrane.


The differences and similarities between the cell wall and cell membrane are given below:
Characteristics Cell membrane Cell wall
  Definition This membrane surrounds the nucleus and cytoplasm of all the cell types. This structural layer surrounds the plant, bacterial and fungal cells.
Structure Cell membrane are very flexible and have a delicate structure. Also, it is a lipid bilayer which is majorly composed of lipoproteins and carbohydrates. Cell wall is a thick rigid structure with  helps a cell to a fix its shape. It is generally made up of pectin, chitin, lignin, glycoproteins, glycolipids, sugar, and cellulose.
Functions The major functions include permeability, motility, cell division, sexual reproduction, etc. The major function include protection from the external environment.

Some similarities between cell membrane and cell wall includes that both of them are parts of a the cells, both protect the cell from the external environment and more.

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