compare and contrast the products and their prices available on the internet and in retail shops. Is the quality,customer satisfaction and other factors the same?

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Please send answer
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compare and contrast the product and their prices available on the internet and in the retail shopes for their quality ,customer satisfaction and other factors
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Item Prices on Internet  Retail Prices 
Colgate toothpaste  220 260
Tata salt  18 19
Taj tea  445 550

People are more satisfied when they purchase goods from internet as they have easy return policies.  But people with less knowledge are more attracted to retail shops
No, The other factors are not same as:
  1. We can check qualityat retail shop but cannot in online shopping. 
  1. Sometimes online sites take too long to deliverthe product and it can cause problem. 
  1. Sometimes exchange policy failsin online shopping. 
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