Compare and contrast the young seagull in the beginning and at the end of the lesson. 

In the beginning of chapter the young seagull was afraid to fly.But in the end of the chapter the young seagull flew and the fear of flying went away..

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In the beginning of the story the young seagull was very afraid to fly and didn't have courage to fly. But at the end of the story the young seagull conquered that fear to fly and manage to have courage to fly and finally he learnt  to fly with any fear.
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In the beginining of the lesson young seagull was afraid to fly. He had no believe on his wings he fell that his wings will not support him. He was coverdice for which sometimes he was taunted by his parents. But in the end of lesson he was boost up with his courage and ready to took the plunge. He was able to fly. He was not coverdice. Finally,He had learnt the art of flying and also made his first flight.
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At the beginning of the story, the young seagull can be observed as being a coward and lacking confidence in himself. While learning to fly he was afraid of trying to fly. His father and mother taught and inspired him to learn to fly. He was very afraid to move out his wings and attempt to fly. He was afraid that his wings would not help him to fly. Once he overcomes his fear, he feels very relaxed and happy to fly in the air. He went to float on the surface of the sea and enjoy the water. This was the difference between the young seagull as compared from the beginning to the end of the story.

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