Compare the poem wind by subramania bharati and wind by​robert louis stevenson with differences and similarities
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Comparative analysis of 'Wind' by Subramania Bharati and "Wind" by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Stevenson's wind is an intriguing entity which makes its presence felt in various ways while Bharati's wind is a destructive force. There is an element of mischief and elusiveness in the former while the wind in Bharati's poem is meant to wreak havoc which leads him to exhort people to fortify themselves. The wind, in both the poems, function as a spiritual entity with awe-inspiring power which is more evident in Bharati's poem than in Stevenson's. Stevenson is uncertain about this entity, his poem is an attempt to understand the nature of wind. Bharati seems to have an insightful take on the wind, he realizes the destructive force of the wind but also holds out hope that it is possible to befriend it and not just live in dread of its power. In a way, both poems are attempts to understand human mortality and fragility in the face of nature's permanence and strength.

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