Compare the powers of lok sabha and rajya sabha .

Consider the following link for the comparison:

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Members of Lok Sabha are directly elected by the eligible voters.
Members of Rajya Sabha are elected by the elected members of State Legislative Assemblies in accordance with the system of proportional representation by means of single transferable vote.

The normal life of every Lok Sabha is 5 years only while Rajya Sabha is a permanent body.

Lok Sabha is the House to which the Council of Ministers is responsible under the Constitution. Money Bills can only be introduced in Lok Sabha. Also it is Lok Sabha which grants the money for running the administration of the country.

Rajya Sabha has special powers to declare that it is necessary and expedient in the national interest that Parliament may make laws with respect to a matter in the State List or to create by law one or more all-India services common to the Union and the States.

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