Comparison between William Shakespare and William Wordsworth in about 350-500 words?

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 I think that both used nature as a critical part of their poetry.  Shakespeare seemed to use nature as a metaphor, a way to articulate artistic themes or ideas.  For example, in discussing love felt by another towards another, "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day," we see nature being used as a member of an "army of metaphors," to quote Nietszche.  Nature was seen as an artistic tool to explore connection between artist, subject, and reader.  Wordsworth used nature in a similar way, but his employment of nature was more in line with his Romantic philosophy.  In this setting, nature was linked to subjective experience and artistic expression.  It made nature an indispensable part to Wordsworth's poetry, as opposed to Shakespeare who was more akin to viewing it as a means to an artistic ends as opposed to the end itself.

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They both belongs to the love year in Britain. They both use nature as metopher.
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Contrast the characters of Mrs Pearson and Mrs Fitzgerald
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