complete each of these sentences with the suitable participle
1. _________ old Hindi song is my Aunt's passion
2.____ their hands in a Mexican wave, the spectators cheered the paralympians.
3.the poster held up by the ________ crowd encouraged the players.
4._______ of flowers is not allowed in my grandpa's garden.
5.young stuti was amused to see the monkey _________on its head.
6.The twins spent the whole day ______ chess. mother isn't afraid of _____in the hills at night.
8._______ the sound of rain and Thunder,pia rushed to close the window.
9. I heard kavi ________ to help with the fund raising event.
10.________ in Delhi half marathon was tiring but a lot of fun

Plz answer this. I have exam.
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Sorry, I don't know friend.
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