Complete the following sentences.
1. Be grateful for the blessings God has ??????. on you.
a) granted b) given c) presented d) bestowed
2. He is ??????.. with leprosy.
a) affected b) effected c) afflicted d) contacted
3. He is ???????. on mischief.
a) bent b) determined c) resolved d) fixed
4. I would rather read a book ?????? watch a film.
a) than b) then c) to d) as
5. Clever ??????? he was, he could not solve the problem.
a) as b) though c) as though d) even though
6. . ??????? he is 80, he can read without glasses.
a) Though b) As c) Even d) In spite of
7. Strong ?????? the elephant was, it could not face the swift leopard.
a) though b) as c) as though d) even as
8. Such was her beauty ??????? rich men from far and near came to woo her.
a) as b) for c) so d) that
9. I will call you when dinner ?????. ready.
a) is b) was c) will be d) would be
10. They ????? TV when the burglars broke in.
a) was watching b) were watching c) had been seeing d) saw

Dear Student,
  1. d)bestowed
  2. c)afflicted
  3. a)bent
  4. a)than
  5. b)though
  6. a)though
  7. b)as
  8. d)that
  9. c)will be
  10. b)were watching

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