Complete the following sentences by adding suitable Noun Clauses:
  1. I cannot understand 
  2. They all said ___.
  3. I think ______________.
  4. _________ he would come.
  5. Do you know ___
  6. I wonder ____________.
  7. Please show me _____.
  8. Tell him ________.
  9. I do not know ________.
  10. I feel certain _______.
  11. He saw __________.
I do know _____

Dear Student,
Given below are some of the answers to your questions. Kindly work on the others by yourself for the purpose of practise.
  1. what was the reason for it
  2. they knew how it happened.
  3. he is good at maths.
  4. He told me that
  5. who has done this?
  6. where the books are?
I hope you find this answer helpful. Please post more questions on the forum to be assisted by our team.               
Thank you.

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