Complete the following with correct form of verbs.

Complete the following with correct form of verbs. the morning. Yesterday also, I (h) (reach) office late and my boss (i) (grip) police (h) (inform) immediately (scold) me. He (j) (2) .. (be) a real nerd. The passengers of a Himachal Road Transport Corporation bus (a) when a highly sophisticated time device (b) .... .... (find) fitted at the rooftop. The . (make) by a startling discovery (c) ........... student passenger while (d) .... ...... ... (keep) his luggage at the roof. His hue and cry (ignore) by the bus conductor. But the driver (f) bus when the student (g) .. (force) to halt the (raise) an alarm again at the Tehsil Chowk, Kangra. The and the bus (i) The timer (j) (get) vacated. (remove) by a bomb disposal squad from Dharamshala. (3) At midnight I (a) (read) a detective book when I (b) (Hear) (think) I (m) But I (n) thief. There My parent little boy (c, big fat man (notice) the she could at the guei a big uncle I was ce

Dear Student,
Here is your answer:

a) were gripped
b) was found
c) was made
d) keeping
e) was ignored
f) was forced
g) raised
h) was informed
i) got
j) was removed 

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