complete the paragraph using short sentences with the given hints.
Once there was a tailor who was known for (cheat and thievery). He could cheat anyone with his cunning way of deceiving people. A trader challenged that the tailor would not be able to cheat him. He  (go) to the tailor with  (satin). The tailor (welcome). The trader  (please) by the tailor’s praise. He told the tailor to make a coat for him. The tailor  (praise) the trader  (maximum). The trader (joy). The tailor  (recount) funny tales and the trader forgot  (bet). The tailor started snipping  and  hide). Eyes of the trader  (tears and joy) and yet the trader kept on asking for  (stories). At last, the tailor told the trader that  (tight) and   (weep-blood).


Dear Student,
1. ...known his art of cheating and thievery 
2.He went  (go) to the tailor with a piece of satin cloth (satin). 
3. The tailor welcomed him 
4.The trader was pleased and elated...
5. The tailor complimented and praised the trader immensely
6. The trader felt flattered and joyous
7. The tailor nostalgically recounted funny tales and the trader forgot about the bet
8. The tailor started snipping the satin cloth and hid(the sentence in the question is unclear)
9. Eyes of the trader were filled with tears and joy 
10. Yet the trader kept asking for more enthralling stories
11. ....told the trader that he should leave before his clothes got any tighter and cause him to weep-blood out of tightness

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