Complete the sentence B

Complete the sentence B got. than t principa arrived. her to sinb. it had no 3. A 1 did I d to persu 4. have rely on the computer. A. silly mistakes. usuany do concentrate 6 A. AS we driving down the hill. a strange was seen in Z A. -Meghna.l was going to tidy the nat today, but 1 didn't have Ariun. B. Arjun confessed to Meghna that „ S. A. No other boy in the class is as good as J us tin. B. Justin 9. A. He threw up this arms in despair. B. He threw up his arms because .. 10. A. Vivek's intention was to help the poor boy. B. Vivek . ill in each blank with a suitable word. (Do not write the sentence.) „ her performance? TOTALENGL

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