complete the story.A little girl was sleeping.suddenly she heard a loud noise and got scared.she woke up and saw all the family members were looking curiously at here.....(pls write the whole story,dont give hints)

it is in oswal question bank   search it it is huge so i cant write it
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some write story pls
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A little girl was sleeping. Suddenly she heard a loud noise and got scared. She woke up and saw that all the family members were looking curiously at her. She thought what was so strange that everyone was looking at her. But as soon as she saw towards the end of the bed towards her legs she was scared to see a snake. It was a long green snake resting upon the end of the bed. Her father signed her to not to make any noise. Her brother was trying to put the snake away by using a stick but the stick was too small for that. The girl was so scared that she couldn't resist and shouted. The snake slithered a bit towards the left. Everyone was looking with their utmost attention towards the snake making sure that don't do anything that would revoke the snake. Suddenly, the girl's brother brought a broom and took away the snake and threw it out of the window. From that day onwards the girl's father made sure that the bushes near the window would always be trimmed regularly because it is a really good place for snakes to hide.
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