Complete this story:There wasca storm brewing outside and I was all alone at home.Suddenly the lights went out.....

Dear Student,
Given below are few points that will help you frame a complete answer. As this is a creative task, you are expected to work on this outline to complete the answer.
  • I panicked and no one was at home.
  • As I was crying, I heard a sound.
  • I lifted my head.
  • I found a magic lamp.
  • I was excited and rubbed it.
  • Nothing special happened. I rubbed again.
  • I suddenly heard someone laugh.
  • It was an old man sitting nearby.
  • He said 'There are no magic and shortcuts in life.'
  • 'You have to work to win and succeed.'
  • (Continue based on your imagination)‚Äč
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Try to do it is part of english writing portion :-|
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