compound is capable of independent existence .what is meant by independent existence ?why atoms is not able to exist independently?

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Independence existence means that a substance can exist on its own, without any external support.
The smallest particle of an element or a compound in chemistry that is capable of independent existence is called a molecule. A molecule is a chemical substance formed by 2 or more atoms. For example: O2 molecule is formed by joining 2 oxygen atoms (a single oxygen atom does not exist independently), CH4 molecule is formed by carbon and 4 hydrogen atoms.
Atoms are not capable of independent existence because they are not stable (as their octet is not complete). Hence, they react with other atoms to complete their octet and gain stability and then exist as a molecule.
The only cases where atoms are capable of independent existence are noble gases atoms, which is why they are called molecules. For example: Helium, argon, neon etc.


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