Comprehension and Vocabulary
  1. Use each word in a sentence so as to clearly describe the meaning of the word:
  1. Situated
  2. hordes
  3. toiled
  4. worshipped
  5. patient
  6. normally
  7. steep
  8. vast
  9. queue
  1. Please give meanings of the followings:
  1. in batches of two hundred
  2. their worst troubles were yet to come
  3. for lack of anything better
  4. make-shift hospital
  5. they soon changed their views
  6. Please add the adverbs and adverb phrases to the following sentences. The first one of the pair goes before the verb, the second at the end of the sentence.
  1. She comes here. (never, now)
  2. They paid us a visit. (often, last year)
  3. Some animals sleep. (always, in the daytime)
  4. He has a rest. (usually, in the afternoon)
  5. My brother has his lunch. (hardly ever, at twelve o’clock)
  6. He goes to New Delhi. (sometimes, in December)
  7. She gets better. (always, after a day or two)
  8. They did that sort of thing. (never, in the past)
  9. It arrives. (always, in good time)
  10. He sits there. (usually, for a moment or two)
  11. People seem to have time for amusement. (never, these days)
  12. People walk more than a short distance. (seldom, now a days)
  13. She spoke to me. (never, again)
  14. He tries. (always, three times)
  15. He writes to me. (still, once a month)
  1. Please add the adverbs to the sentences:
    1. This book is borrowed. (never)
    2. He is pleased with our work. (often)
    3. She was ready to help other people. (always)
    4. The teacher was late. (hardly ever)
    5. It is very hot in April. (sometimes)
    6. We are tired by the end of the day. (usually)
    7. My mother is glad to see my friends. (always)
    8. I was surprised by anything he did. (never)
    9. Even after she had had a rest, she was unable to walk. (still)
    10. There is anyone in school before seven o’clock. (never)
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