concept of poverty in india long answer

You can write the answer explaining the following points :

1.Poverty level in India : You can write about India being poverty struck nation.One fourth of population is poor. Indian poor comprises one third of total poor in world.

2.Concept : The concept of poverty in India is mainly based on calorie intake and subsistence income required to carry on day-to-day activities. International poverty line is defined by UNO. Amartya Sen,a noble laureate has a different approach to poverty as "capability deprivation".

3.Measurement of Poverty : measuring poverty is an essential step as it would tell us which policies and in which capacity are required to fight poverty.Head Count Ratio is one of the measure to calculate absolute number of poor below poverty line.

4. Steps and policies : Various policies have been implemented to lower the level of poverty. Recently, a food security bill has been passed which would allow consumers to buy food grains at very low prices.

P.S.:These are only the points with a brief idea about them.You have to elaborate them to write the answer. Besides these,you can also talk about the vicious circle of poverty.How poverty gives rise to illiteracy which results in unemployment which again results in poverty.

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