Consider the equilibrium 2A <=>A2 Kp = 3.72 /atm at some temperature T K.The total equilibrium pressure = 1.5 atm.Calculate the partial pressure of the dimer

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The computation is expressed below,
2AA2P         0P-p   pP=1.5 atmKp=PA2P2A3.72=1.51.5-pp=1.097 atm (dimer)


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2A reversibly give A2
P                            0
P - p                         p

at equilibrium total pressure is 1.5 th at is
(P - p) + p = P   = 1.5

K.P.=p / P - p
as K.P. is equal to 3.72 and P is 1.5 partial pressure of dimmer that is p can be easily found
comes out to be 1.18 ATM approximate.
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