Construct a triangle LMN in which MN = 9 cm, Angle M = 30 and Angle N = 75. Draw the median through L, and measure its lenght.

Answer :

We follow these Steps to construct triangle LMN .

Step 1 :  Draw a line MN  =  9 cm

Step 2 : With the help of protector form  M  =  30° at point " M " and form  N  =  75° at point " N "

Line MX and NY intersect at  " L "  , So LMN is our required triangle .
Now to draw a median 

With compass om M set it to any medium width
Draw an arc on each sides of line ML 
Without changing the width repeat for the other end N
Draw the line between the two intersections
Draw a straight line from S to the opposite vertex L of the triangle to get the requited median LS
Measure it using scale and =6cm



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