Construct triangleEFG, where angleG=90, EF=10cm and angleE=45. Compare FG and EG .

Steps for constructing a triangle:

STEP I: Take any point G and draw a line passing through G.
STEP II: Draw a line perpendicular to the line passing through G and intersecting at a point G.
STEP III: Take any point E on this perpendicular line.
STEP IV: Taking the point E, draw a line EF = 10 cm such that it intersects the line passing through G and GEF = 45°
Therefore, we get the required triangle EFG
Now in triangle EFG, we have
G = 90° and E = 45°
So, F = 180°-G+E = 180°-90°+45° = 45°
Therefore, E = F = 45°.
Now we know that equal angles have equal sides.
So, FG = EG

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my answer is 45

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I jzz want to know how to constuct this triangle !!

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