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‘Consumer redressal process is becoming cumbersome’. Why?

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Amrutha , added an answer, on 25/2/13
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This is because it is very expensive & time consuming. Many times a person is engaged with lawer.Moreover the purchase is done in small retails in which cash memos are not given, hence evidence is not easy to gather.It takes lot of time to file petition & attend the cases.After 25 yrs of enactment of COPRA , it  is spreading awareness among people , but slowly. Beside this the enforcement of laws that protect workers, especially in the unorganised sector is weak .Rules & regulations are also not followed sometimes. All these makes redressal process cumbersome.

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Madhvi Manisha , added an answer, on 21/2/13
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1] many a times consumers require to engage a lawyer.

2]the existing laws are not very clear on the issue of compensation to consumers injured by defective products.

3] aftr 20 yrs of the enactment of COPRA, consumer awareness in india is spreding but slowly.

4] besides this,d enforcment of laws dat protect workers ,especialy in d unorganised sectors is weak.

5] rules n regulations fr d functioning of markets r often nt folowed

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