conversation between two students outside the examination hall in hindi

मित्र हम आरंभ करके दे रहे हैं। इसे आप स्वयं पूरा कीजिए-

राम- गोपाल! तू कब बाहर आया।

गोपाल- पाँच मिनट पहले ही आया हूँ।

राम- पेपर कैसा हुआ।

गोपाल- ठीक था।

राम- ठीक था मतलब।

गोपाल- कल पूरा समय पढ़ नहीं पाया था इसलिए कुछ अंश रह गया था। उसी में से आया है।

राम- पास तो हो जाएगा ना।

गोपाल- हाँ पास तो हो जाऊँगा परन्तु मैं इस विषय 100 प्रतिशत अंक लेना चाहता था।.......... 

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student 1:phadkar aya?

student 2:nahi tu?

student 1: ma bi nahi

end of story

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Minati-Hello, Meera! I seldom see you now-a-days in the park. Whats the matter with you?

Meera-The exam is drawing near. Im not well prepared for it. So Ive study hard now. I scarcely find time to play. How have you prepared yourself?

Minati -Not as bad as you say.

Meera-you are a bright student. So you dont find any difficulty. You know Im weak in English. Besides, the course of Economics and Civics is so huge. I have not been able to go through the whole course even once. Mother was ill and I had to nurse her.

Minati-I am so sorry. Is she quite well now?

Meera-Yes, she is.

Minati-Well, You may do one thing.

Meera-Whats that?

Minati-Come to my house everyday. We will discuss the subjects. Thats help you much. Ill try to explain away your difficulties.

Meera-Thats very kind of you. Ill certainly go to yours. Mother will be very glad to hear of your proposal.

Minati-Then comes from to-morrow. Its getting dark. Let us now go home.

Meera-Thank you, Minati, for your kind offer.

Minati-No need of thanks. Ill glad to help a friend if I can.

Meera-Good-bye! And many thanks.

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