convert each of the following sentences into reported speech.also,write down the from of the tense used in the reported speech.

16.''what all did you get from the market?'' asked father.

17.''you mustn't tease animals,'' our teacher said.

18.'' you must look for the lost key,'' my brother said.

19.'' when does the show start? asked kakran.

20.'' open the doors and windows,'' said the woman.

16. Father asked him/her what he/she had got/bought from the market. (past perfect)

17. Our teacher asked us not to tease the animals. (simple past)

18. My brother asked me to look for the lost key. (simple past)

19. Kakran asked when the show would start. (simple past)

20. The woman asked to open the doors and windows. (simple past)

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