Convert the following declarative negati

Convert the following declarative negati X. Convert the following declarative negative sentences into positive senter l. Do not close the door! 2. Why are you not playing today? 3. Sachin did not bat today. 4. Good students never disobey their teachers. 3. I did not go near that room. B. Add a suitable subject to each predicate to complete the sentence. l. won the cricket match for India. 2. is a famous Bollywood singer. 3. is my favourite föod. 4. shouted at the children for making noise. 5. climbed the stairs. C. Correct the following jumbled sentences. l. book the is interesting. 2. playing in the are the children park. 3. water please me of glass give a •4. of water a lot drink her to asked doctor the 5. the quiet classroom be in D. Change the following commands into requests. to use 'please' or 'ki be polite. l. Do not write on the wall! 3. Stop talking in the class! 3. Drop that bag immediately! 2. Come ho e by 6 p.m. 4. Leave tha child

Sachin did not bat today
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