convert the following into indirect speech using suitable reporting verbs.

1.little johnny said with wonder,"what a lovely big balloon."

2."let's build a campfire here by the riverside,"said the counsellor to the campers.

3.rani said to the teacher,"i didn't understand this topic.

4."you are not must rest for two days,"said the doctor to the boy.

5."oh no!" cried seema."it's pouring and i don't have an umbrella."

1. Little Johny exclaimed with wonder that it was a lovely big balloon.

2. The counsellor asked the campers to build a campfire there by the riverside.

3. Rani said to the teacher that she did not understand that topic.

4. The doctor told the boy that he was not well and that he must rest for two days.

5. Seema exclaimed with sorrow that it was pouring and she didn't have an umbrella.

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1.Little jhonny said with wonder that what a lovely big baloon.

2.The councellor said to the campers that let's build a campfire here by the riverside.

3.Rani said to the teacher that she didn't understand this topic.

4.The doctor said to the boy that he is not well.he must rest for two days.

5.Seema cried that oh no,it's pouring and she don't have an umbrella.

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