Convert the following statements into questions.

Convert the following statements into questions. Vse the words given in the brackets to convert the following statements into quest' I have seen Corbett Water Falls. (Have you) The falls arc 60 feet high. (How) The falls are inside the National park. (Where) 4. I to see the falls in the moonlight. (When) My classmates accompanied me to the falls. (Who) We saw sambhar, elephants and deer there. (Which animals) S. We did not wear dark colours because Ranger Arjun said we could get lost in the dark. Good parking, camping and picnic spots are some of the facilities at the falls. (What)

Dear Student,

1. Have you seen Corbett Water falls?
2. How high are the falls?
3. Where are the falls?
4. When did you go to see the falls?
5. Who accompanied you to the falls?
6. Which animals did you see there?
7. Why didn't you wear dark colours?
8. What are the facilities at the falls?


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